The Depth of My Soul

I did not recognize my fragile state
And how lost I had become
To find someone
Time stood still as I waited on you
And doubt crept into my heart
Of your true intentions
I needed you and would wait
For all that you would give
No matter how little
You had me many times
Were those lies
that fell from your lips?
A penitent sigh is all I can manage
As I lie awake thinking of you
And the fool that I am.

Losing love is like a window in your heart. Everyone can see that you’re blown apart.
Paul Simon
As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.
Winnie the Pooh
The Longing

 You speak to me with daggers

 Accompanied by blunt intentions

  I know

  I tear my lip in worry 

  As I read the words you wrote

  Each time I dare to look upon you 

   I see much confusion,

  Or is it fear?

  Too much silence lingers

  Between us

  For we know too well

  All that cannot be said

In the morning light

As I ran my fingers through your wild hair,

You swiftly grabbed me with much intensity.

You held me tight

I found it strange

When a simple kiss would suffice.

But you knew That it was the last I would see of you 

An arduous request

You asked me to wait
An arduous request
I already expect that you will disappear
I miss the warmth of your touch,
Your hands in my hair,
The taste of your lips
How do I know you will still be there
Are you waiting?
Or do you intend on slipping away
While my heart follows
Your vague intentions
To the depths of the mystery
That is you

The Wait

I can’t stop this fire
Do you think you could set me free?
Be rid of this restlessness inside of me
A quiescent woman driven mad with desire
Your enigmatic smile drives me wild.

Between weather & sports

One nations greed bleeds another to get what we want or feel we need.
The result,
A homeless infant
A child of war
They try to show us ( a quick glimpse, between weather & sports)
Until we change the channel. We remain ignorant so that we can continue to fret over all the things we do not have,
And strive to gain more.

Ephemeral love

No matter how happy he will make me, he’ll never reach the depth of my soul.
And after awhile,
It will start to hurt.


I am entertained by thoughts 
Of you and me
In a constant reverie
I fear at our next encounter
I may lose all control
My desire is devouring all sensibility


It’s easier without sleep
To let you go 
You brighten my world
On the darkest day 
Awake, you make me smile
But sleep…..
Sleep, I am captivated by you
There are no limits

What no partner of a writer can ever understand is that a writer is working when they are staring out of the window.

Burton Rascoe

(slightly altered)

My Companion

I don’t mind the wait

I got time on my hands

you float around

finding love where you can

I calmly wait

as months before,

for you to arrive

with that storm at my door

and that lightning that my heart craves

your electric smile

is the reason I misbehave

you won’t ever have to be alone

it is a strange connection

that you and I own

I love being with you in the pouring rain

your departure starts the thundering

you won’t ever be alone

I can wait

till you come back home

this storm is worth waiting for

Matters of the Heart

I can not strum

I am lost on the fret board

my fingertips fumble with the strings

of my guitar

all that I love 

has come undone

when I heard you fell so easily

for anyone

who would catch you


except me

Filling the Void

You and me

never made sense at all

but I was in need of a man 

that would allow me

to be who I am

and not what he needed 

me to be

you were in need

of someone to keep you warm at night

someone to hold

I am not so naive

to believe 

that it was anything more